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3 Temptations in the Desert - The Grand Inquisitor

Ivan Kramskoy. Christ in the Desert. 1872

I already talked here about the “Grand Inquisitor”. It’s no doubts one of the best writings ever. All the book “Bratia Karamazov” (Brother’s Karamazov) is in fact one of the best reflections about human being.

The Grand Inquisitor refers to chapter of the book, that involves a supposed poem writen by Ivan Karamazov.
It regards a imaginary return of Christ in XVth century Sevilha. Christ comes again to show to the few who believe that he truly loves them, to show them that they are in the right way.
He is arrested by the Inquisition and his led to the figure of the Grand Inquisitor. He then is accused of making the 3 most worst crimes against humanity ever, all in the same episode: The Temptations in the Desert.
Miracle, mystery and authority, all is refused.
By refusing the spirit offers, Christ condemns all the human beeings. Condemnation to and through freedom.
A big price which we pay everyday in each of our living momments.

I have a big love for the reflexions of young Ivan Karamazov, namely both chapter’s “Rebellion” and “The Grand Inquisitor” (not to mention the alucination with the Devil).

You can find the whole book here. You can directly go to these chapters ("Rebellion", "The Grand Inquisitor".

Its freedom who gives us the biggest joy, but it’s also through freedom that we find the deepest pain. The freedom of one can represent the pain of the other.
Because of that, each of our acts (as in the romance) has a consequence.
So maybe selfishness is the root of evil!? It really might be.
Was Christ selfish when he didn't accept the offers?

Please take in notice that my Christ here is Ivan's Karamazov Christ: a literary character.

A reflection about "The Great Inquisitor" here

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Ich bin ein Wanderer

Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer Painting by Caspar David Friedrich

Souce: German Wikipedia

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Castanheiro do Vento 3D reconstruction (a 1st approach) click to see movie.

domingo, janeiro 01, 2006

De tapas en La Coruña. Fresh shellfish tapas and beer ;)

La Marina de La Coruña

Plaza Maria Pitta, La Coruña, Spain

Plaza Maria Pitta, La Coruña, Spain
This is a Plaza but as you can see, different from the other Plazas in Spain.
The white windows, the glasss, and just across the sea and the harbour.

The Atlantic at La Coruña. There is nothing like this waves.
The Atlantic is... this waves, were we really feel the force of the ocean.
When we see the waves cruching against the rocks and the water rising more that 10m height...
The smell of the sea (maresia)...

Hercules Tower at La Coruña, Spain
It would'nt be possible to go to Santiago and not to go to the Coast, to La Coruña.
In a litle more that 50 km's we reach one of the most beautiful towns that I know. The Atlantic is a very strong presence, mainly for someone that has grew up by the sea.

1:45 De copas e tudo cheio de portugueses.
Em Santiago sempre encontro alguém português conhecido. Neste caso os antigos colegas do curso de Arqueologia de Coimbra.
Um grande abraço para todos.

0:00 Portuguesas, Plaza da Quintana
Alguns portugueses mostraram como e onde devia ter sido a festa.
Ao passar pela Plaza da Quintana lá ouvimos: Dez...Nove....Oito....
Champanhe e boa disposição. Bom :)